Your youth behind you, the “real world” ahead of you - what’s next? Whatever it is - we’re in it together. We are a growing community of young adults who want to figure out what God has to say about our dreams, goals, fears and challenges. We don't have all the answers, but we're going through life together.

FAQ: What age range is considered young adult?

Alliance PM is a community of people who have finished High School, but are still developing or adjusting into the next stage of their lives. People at Alliance PM are excited about finding community and learning about themselves and their God in the process. Most people who find themselves in this stage are 18-26 years old.


October-April  |  Thursdays at 7:00 p.m.
Alliance PM is an evening service for college students and young adults to connect with God and one another through worship and genuine community. The sermons will expand your view of God and help answer questions that many young adults wrestle through, and the cozy, casual environment in the fall and winter season is the perfect place to relax and build relationships.


Alliance PM is vibrant, energetic, and adventurous. Join us in the outdoor courtyard after every service for volleyball, frisbee, s'mores and more great community-building time with your fellow young adults. You will experience the same great worship and sermons as in the fall/winter season, but even more time to build relationships and make friends. The summer series flies by - don't miss out!


April-May & August-September
Small Groups are an opportunity for young adults to become involved in the broader church and experience a taste of mentorship and personal development. Leaders from men and women's ministries host small groups in their home, making this a great chance to dig even deeper with they people you will meet at Alliance PM. Contact to register or get more information.