Welcome to Student Ministries!

No matter your background, your past, or your present – we invite you to simply show up to Greenhouse. We exist to create a Jesus-centered environment that draws all students to belong, no matter what. 

Get Connected By Taking a First Step

  Weekday Time
Middle School Wednesdays 6:00-8:00 p.m.
High School Wednesdays 7:00-8:00 p.m.
H.S. Small Groups Wednesdays 8:00-9:00 p.m.

Just show up! Every single week we host new visitors. Students just like you are standing by every week on our Student Care Team to welcome you and get you connected. The doors open at 6:00 p.m. and the Connections Cafe is available for food and drink purchases. 

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What to Expect

Greenhouse is the single largest weekly event for students in the Fox Valley. Students will make meaningful friendships, be inspired by live music, and rediscover the real Jesus in compelling messages. Dress casual and feel free to bring a friend.

No cost, no commitment, no registration, no worries.

How We Communicate with Parents

  1. Weekly Parent Updates: status updates on our Parent's Facebook Page
  2. 60 Second Video Updates: a brief overview of upcoming events sent by email
  3. Quarterly Postcards: a calendar style postcard of all seasonal programming and events mailed to your home
  4. Inclement Weather or Cancellation: communication posted on the website and all social media channels



Can parents stay with the students?

We want Greenhouse to be an “student” environment where students can bring friends, get involved in conversations and ask “student like” questions within their groups. We’ve noticed they’re more comfortable doing that if they know they’re not being watched by parents or a friends' parents. We encourage parents to allow their student to make Greenhouse their own space. This also allows us to provide a safer environment for students, as all adult volunteers go through a screening process.

Does Greenhouse cost anything?

No, just have your student show up and have fun.

Does a student need to register for Greenhouse (check in)?

No pre-registration required.

When your student arrives to Greenhouse for the first time, they will be placed into our system for Check-Ins. This is their general information as well as your (parent) contact information. From then on, we will use that information to check them into Greenhouse each week.

How are a student's small group and small group leaders chosen?

High School
If the student was in a Small Group last year, they will be placed in the same group unless they request otherwise.

Middle School & Incoming 7th Graders
Students will sign up for Small Groups in the fall. If the student was in a Small Group last year in Awana or BTBTL, we will do our best to place them in the same group unless they request otherwise.

How are the high school programs different than middle school?

  1. Global Connections/Mission Trips: MS and underclassman students have the opportunity to participate in a domestic mission trip each summer. We offer an international mission trip for 11th or 12th grade students.

  2. Small Groups: MS small groups are 45 minutes and included in their programming. HS small groups require sign up and are a full hour.

  3. Greenhouse Times: MS programming is from 6-8pm and includes small group. High School programing formally begins at 7pm and concludes at 8pm. Students who sign up for small group end at 8pm.

  4. Sunday mornings: There is no programming for high school students other than the rigorous Uncharted Bible study which must be applied for and committed to. Email us at students@appletonalliance.org

How are the middle school programs different than Discovery Land?

While most are similar in goals and approach, there are a few differences.

No parent check in required: middle schools students are able to check themselves in and out of Greenhouse and special events.

Global Connections: We offer domestic mission trips for middle school students.

How can parents get involved?

If you want to join our team of volunteers, please contact us at students@appletonalliance.org. Start small by joining our Hospitality / Welcome Team, Café team or Tech Team. Or for less-consistent schedules, our Special Events Team is a party-waiting- to-happen. If you have time during the day Wednesday’s come help us set up for the night. No matter your experience level or passion, we have a spot for you.

How do I find out about programming changes or inclement weather?

We use email, Facebook, and the website to post cancellations or updates during inclement weather.

How do students sign up for a small group?

Students have the opportunity to sign up for Small Groups in the fall. If they choose to join after the initial sign up, they can do so at the Next Step Kiosk.

Is Greenhouse a religion class?

Put simply, no.

Greenhouse is the single largest weekly event for students in the Fox Valley. Students will make meaningful friendships, be inspired by live music, and rediscover the real Jesus in compelling messages. To stay up-to-date on what your student is learning, sign up for our monthly email at students@appletonalliance.org

Is there anything for students on Sunday mornings?

We believe that students are not only the church of tomorrow, but the church of today.  So we invite all students to not only experience the worship service with their family and friends but to serve in a variety of areas of the church.

For Middle School students who want a place to connect with other students and to discuss their main takeaways from the message, come to the Alcove at the entrance to Student Ministry Center immediately following the service.

For High School students who want to dive deeper into studying God’s word they can sign up for our Sunday morning class called “Uncharted”.  Pick up an application and schedule at the welcome desk.


Is this environment special needs-friendly?

To discuss accommodations, please email Tammy Ross, AAC Special Needs Coordinator at tross@appletonalliance.org

What does Student Ministries look like in the summer?

Wednesday Nights - Greenhouse Summer Nights take place Wednesdays throughout the month of July at various locations throughout the valley. Our volunteers and staff will be hanging with the students and encouraging them to get involved and stay connected. Check out the event calendar for dates and locations of Gh Summer Nights.

What does a standard Greenhouse night look like?


6:00-7:00pm | Greenhouse Café (Optional)

Students have the option to arrive as early as 6pm to hang out, grab a snack or dinner, and catch up with friends. This is an informal and optional time to hang out.

7:00 -8:00pm | Greenhouse

We kick-off with awesome live music and then we explore Scripture’s answers to questions and challenges that come with real life in high school today.

8:00-9:00pm | Small Groups 
(Sign up required)

For students who want to take a next step to develop deeper faith and friendships, they can sign up to join a Small Group. Small Groups are for students to discuss the message, connect with friends, and get the support of a trained mentor. If a student doesn’t wish to be apart of a small group, they are free to head home at 8pm.


6:00-6:30pm | Greenhouse Games

After checking in at the West Entrance, students head for the gym to play games or catch up over a snack at Greenhouse Café in the Hub.

6:30-7:15pm | Greenhouse

After games, students head to the Student Ministries Center for a message from one of the youth Pastors. During this time they’ll explore Scripture’s answers to questions and challenges that come with real life in middle school today. Immediately following the message is student led worship.

7:15-8:00pm | Small Groups

This is where students take the next step to develop deeper friendships. Small Groups allow students to discuss the message, connect with friends, and get the support of an adult small group leader.

When do incoming 7th grade students transition to middle school programming?

Incoming 7th graders are welcome to join Greenhouse during our Greenhouse Summer Nights in July. Otherwise, at Greenhouse Kick-off in September.

Where can I find out what's going on in Student Ministries?

Through the AAC Student Ministries: Parents Facebook page “AAC Student Ministries: Parents”

Each month, you will receive a link to a short video called, “60 Seconds”. In these videos we address the topic and theme your child will be learning each month. If you’re not currently receiving these emails, please contact us at students@appletonalliance.org.

Where do students get dropped off for Greenhouse?

Because the church is closed during Greenhouse, students need to exit and enter through the West Entrance of the building.