Traffic Flow Update

Sunday Morning Traffic Flow Change

You may have noticed some adjustments on traffic flow within AAC’s parking lots on Sunday mornings. These adjustments have been created for more efficient parking and departing methods for all AAC attendees on our busiest day, Sunday. 

We know change can be hard, so we have installed new signage for Sunday mornings and have brought on a new volunteer team to assist in the parking lots. Please take your arrival and departure slowly, so you are able to read the new signage and see how to get to where you're going. This will make the lot safer for other drivers, surrounding neighbors, and those walking within the lots. 

We ask that you please extend grace to other drivers and staff during this transition as it may take a few weeks for everyone to adjust.

Written Directions

At the Main entrance, this will be a two-lane entry only. Drivers coming from the east on Lynndale Drive will enter at the main entrance using the left AND right lanes. There will be no exit at the main entrance on Sunday mornings.

The West entrance (Xcel Sports Entrance) will have one lane entry from the west frontage road and one lane exit with traffic going LEFT (or west) only. Drivers may not enter from the east or exit right to the east toward Lynndale Drive.


At the East entrance (DL Entrance), drivers may make a right turn only to the east, heading toward Lynndale Drive. There will be no entrance here during any services on Sunday mornings.


Want to help during this transition?

We need your help! During this transition, we need volunteers to assist in the parking lot to help signal where drivers should and should not be driving. This will help reduce confusion while everyone adjusts to the new change. 

Sign up to volunteer in our parking lots during this change by emailing Matt at