Leanne Lemons

Connections Cafe Manager
Leanne Lemons

Leanne has done many things employment-wise including occupational therapy at St Vincent's hospital in Green Bay for seventeen years, working as a Pampered Chef kitchen sales rep, and placing/supervising foreign exchange students.  She would say, however, that it is in her current position as the manager of the Connections Cafe, that she is in her "sweet spot," using the gifts and talents God has given her.  She loves people and ministering to them (especially serving them good food).  It is a delight for her to see how the cafe ministers to staff, the congregation, and anyone who just wants a cup of coffee, sandwich or simply a place to fellowship with one another.  

Leanne is married to Gary and away from church you can find them traveling together, going to a baseball game, camping, playing golf or walking their little Wrigley.

Phone: 920-931-1118


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