Joe grew up in Appleton and first attended Appleton Alliance Church when he was in 6th grade. Throughout middle school, Joe was involved with youth group at the church but rarely attended during his high school years. He was most passionate about sports throughout high school that he gave little thought to the spiritual aspects of life. His passion for sports carried on into his college years where he ran track and field and played football at the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire as he pursued a degree in biology.

While in college the seeds planted in Joe’s middle school years began to grow as he came to know Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior. He began to develop a heart for ministry and invested much of his remaining time in college in the campus ministry, Campus Crusade for Christ. Upon completion of his undergraduate in 2016, Joe moved back to Appleton and got a job with at a non-profit organization that helps support youth who struggle with mental health issues.

Joe is excited to be part of the Excel Sports ministry team and use his passion for sports as a platform to help connect others with God and one another. During his time working at Appleton Alliance Church, Joe will be working on getting his master’s degree through Crown College in Christian studies with an emphasis in pastoral care counseling. 


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