Join the Greenhouse family in AAC's East Parking Lot for a drive-in movie. 


Alliance Students Drive-in Movie Night FAQ

What movie is it?
Night at the Museum 2
Are restrooms available?
Yes, the church will be open for restroom use only.
How do I hear the movie audio?
There will be an FM station option and an outdoor sound system for those who sit outside their vehicle.
Will snacks be available to purchase?
No snacks provided :(
Can I bring my own snacks and beverages?
Yes! We highly encourage it!
Who can attend?
Only students or their families too? All students grades 7-12 AND their friends and family!
Can I bring lawn chairs and sit outside near my vehicle or must I stay in my vehicle?
You can sit outside your vehicle if you like. We ask that you please be respectful of those in cars around you and their desire for social distancing.
Will there be an intermission?
No intermission
How early can I arrive?
Gates open at 8:00 p.m. AND there will be games and prizes before the movie!
Will the church be open?
Just for the restroom

Social Distancing Guidelines

All staff and volunteers will wear masks when we are working directly with any guests. You are NOT required to wear a mask to attend.
We will allow only a few people into the church at a time to use the restrooms and will require people to wait in line 6ft apart. We will have 6ft markers in place to assist.
You are allowed to hang out outside your vehicle but ask that you be respectful of those around you and their desire to social distance.