Welcome to the student Servant Leadership Team! We are so excited to have you join this team of culture-setters and change-makers here in Student Ministries.

We at Greenhouse want to make sure our Servant Leaders understand what is expected of them in this process of saying yes to serving in a high capacity. As well as be aware of what they are being held accountable for, for being part of the Servant Leadership Team. 

1. We expect SLT to be on time and present to all meetings and outings unless otherwise communicated to Amanda Probst or Josiah Lewis. 
2. We expect student leaders to have a friend first mindset and are constantly looking for new people to make feel welcome at Greenhouse. 
3. We expect SLT to be sitting in the first couple of rows on Wednesday nights, ready to take notes and participate in the message and worship. 
4. We expect SLT to respect authority of the adult leaders and staff of Greenhouse and be willing to help with any task. 
5. We expect SLT to be following along in Bible reading plans and devotions throughout the year. 
6. We expect SLT to be on setup and teardown teams unless otherwise instructed.

We believe as students faithful to pour out their lives and heart into serving, that God is faithful to pour back into their own lives.