Encounter: Questions


What does my registration include?
Registration includes 2 nights lodging, Saturday and Sunday breakfast buffet, and Saturday evening dinner. It includes all general sessions, breakout sessions and all weekend activities.

Are the rates listed per night? Per person? Per room?
The rates are per person and include the entire weekend.

Can I put more people in the room than the number listed?
We are not able to exceed the maximum number listed.

May I add another person to my room after I have already registered?
You can add someone else after the initial registration, IF there is room in the suite and the event is not sold out.  However, the additional suitemate will pay the same room rate as those that registered initially. Example- If a group registers for a 2 bedroom suite for 3 persons, that cost is $221 per person. If a 4th person wants to join them in that room, she will also pay $221, even though the rate for 4 women in a 2 bedroom is $198. We are not able to give refunds to those who have already registered or reduce the rate for the extra person. Doing this helps keep our rates affordable for everyone. Please contact Jamie Boorum if you need to make a change to the number of people in your room.

Can one person register and pay for everyone in the suite?
One person may register and pay for all occupants of the suite, if desired.  This is optional and not required. This will ensure that all suitemates are registered and expedite the confirmation of your suite. Please refer to Registration Information for more details. 

What is the difference between the 3 bedroom suite and the 3 bedroom deluxe suite?
The 3 bedroom deluxe suite has a much larger living area and possibly 2 floors. It would be more comfortable for a group of 7 or 8.

Can I pay part of my fees now and part later?
We are not set up to take partial payments. If this is a problem, please contact Jamie Boorum.

I registered for Encounter, and now I can’t come. Can I get my money back?
If it is before the January 26, 2021 registration deadline, you will be issued a check for a refund. After that date, registrations are transferable only. Please contact Jamie Boorum as soon as possible to notify her of the cancellation.

My friend and I want to go to Encounter, but we would like to have more people in our room to cut down on cost. What do we do?
Contact Jamie Boorum. She will attempt to match you with others that are looking for roommates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there financial assistance available?
Please go to the financial assistance tab for more information.

Who can attend? Can my high school-age daughter attend with me?
Appleton Alliance Encounter is specifically for women who are of post high school age. High school-age girls have the opportunity to attend a retreat with their peers through student ministries. This weekend is for adults. Once your daughter is out of high school, we would love for her to join us.

Can I bring my baby with me?
We love babies, but unfortunately, Encounter is not the place for them. Babies are very cute but can be distracting. They won’t be allowed in any Encounter sessions, activities, or meals. Thanks for understanding.

Is alcohol allowed at Encounter?
Out of respect for our sisters in Christ, alcoholic beverages are not allowed at any sessions, meals, or activities.

Can my friends attend Encounter even if they don’t attend Appleton Alliance Church?
Absolutely! Bring all the friends you want, as long as they are of post high school age. Any friend of yours is a friend of ours.

Can I make my reservations through The Osthoff instead of Appleton Alliance?
All reservations for Encounter must be made through Appleton Alliance. We have negotiated reduced rates with the resort. 

Where do I register for the breakout sessions?
No registration is necessary for breakout sessions. You can attend whatever sessions you want without prior registration.

Is transportation provided to the Osthoff?
Attendees must provide their own transportation to and from the event.