How do I participate?

We're excited you're at the place where you want to take a next step. You are answering the dare! First, pray. Pray that God would deepen your relationship with Him through this journey of generosity. Next, if you feel that God has called you to move, say "yes." Be part of our goal for 100% participation. And finally, leap. Allow God to show you - and all of us - that nothing is impossible. Engage with the vision where you feel most passionate - in our church, in the community, or in the world. Give. because you believe God has put this church on a mission to Connect the world with God and one another.

How much will the expanded vision cost?

Right now, we average $7 million in revenue each year. Our goal is to double our resources to $14 million per year. We are asking for a two-year commitment, which would mean in total, $28 million.

I used to give to Missions. Can I still give to Missions?

Yes! Our Dare2Move has a HUGE focus on missions! In fact, our vision to Connect the world with God and one another revolves around the idea that we can impact an entire world for Christ. Giving to the vision will absolutely translate into giving to missions. Of course, if you support specific missionaries or short-term missions trips either through our church or some other means, we encourage you to continue to do so.

What happened to the General Fund, Missions Fund, Community Care Fund, and Building Fund?

Those funds are still around. Within our church, we still very much support Missions, Community Care, reducing our debt (Building Fund), and the everyday workings of each ministry here. However, with a One Fund approach, all gifts are celebrated as part of the Dare2Move vision, so you no longer have to select individual funds. You can learn the ways to give at

What if I've never given before?

That's OK! We sincerely hope that every person who encounters our church and our vision feels the love of God in a way they never have before. Our primary is goal is for 100% of those people to participate with us in our dare to move - whether that means $1 or $1,000.

What is a One Fund initiative?

We’re all in on one single and aligned vision. Our resources should reflect that alignment going forward. In the past, you may have given to various funds here at AAC that, while were all united around our vision in different ways, still had different names and purposes: Building Fund, General Fund, Community Care Fund, Missions Fund, etc. Today, we want there to be no confusion about the focus on our vision. Everyone, and every ministry, should get to celebrate the total commitment. After all, we are all part of ONE VISION – to connect the WORLD with God and one another.

Why are we doing this now?

After a big climb, it is OK to rest. And that's what we've done. We completed our expansion in 2013 and we've enjoyed it! We've rested. But now it is time to climb again. We feel, stronger than ever, God's call for our church to move. He has big plans for us and we intend to see them through, even if it's risky. We believe we can, and will, make an impact globally.

Will Pastor Dennis be leading the charge?

Yes, Pastor Dennis, while initially targeted the end of 2021 as his time to step down from the first chair, has been re-energized by this Vision. He has agreed to stay on as senior pastor of Appleton Alliance Church until the end of 2025. His major focus, aside from stewarding the vision, will be preaching, while much of his decision-making will be delegated to the next leaders.