Dare2Move is a two-year financial commitment to a expanded vision at Appleton Alliance Church. We are no longer just connecting people with God and one another - we are connecting the world.

100% Participation
Our primary goal is that we all would have a life-changing encounter with God as it relates to our generosity. During this season, we invite everyone to 1) Don’t skip the process! Prayerfully ask God to align the resources in your life with His vision for our church. 2) Be passionate about what God is calling our church to do. 3) Have fun as we audaciously go through this exciting season and witness God’s power by stepping out in faith.

$28 Million
Appleton Alliance Church is responsible for thousands of people who will one day go before God. This $28 million over the next two years represents our total church budget - including the ongoing strengthening our core, our General Fund, and our vision to connect the world with God and one another (this follows a One Fund approach). With your financial commitment this vision will exponentially multiply our impact from thousands to millions of people in our church, our community, and around the world.