Once you've had a chance to get to know us on Sundays, it's time to get connected! There's something for everyone, from kids to seniors, and everyone in between. Choose a ministry below to start discovering how you can make Alliance part of your week outside of Sundays.


Mini Church


What is a mini-church?

Mini-churches provide the environment for biblical fellowship, encouragement, and accountability. Groups walk with one another through life while deepening relationships in order to support each other in ups and downs. Through regular fellowship, we can point each other to Christ in all areas of our lives.

What to Expect

FREEDOM: While Biblical Fellowship is the main focus of Mini-Churches, the “style” of each Mini-Church may be different. Each group is led by an approved leader or couple and styles develop from the personalities of group members.

FREQUENCY: It is recommended that groups meet weekly from September through May, but some variation exists.

SIZE: The ideal number for a Mini-Church is 10 people, not including the Mini-Church leaders.

TYPES OF MINI-CHURCHES: Life-stage, location, or availability based.



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