Welcome to AAC Mini Churches!

God’s design for discipleship starts in the small group setting. In order for us to connect, grow, and serve together we need a community of individuals with whom we can “do life.” There is no perfect group, leader, or study, but by God’s grace we can learn to walk with one another through the seasons of life. Our intent is to find you or your family a in-home small group experience called "mini-church," that can encourage, challenge, and deepen your faith.

What to Expect

The Great Commission in Matthew 28 calls all believers to “make disciples.” We model our discipleship by how Christ displayed His in scripture — by surrounding himself with a small group of disciples, teaching, studying scripture, and learning to apply what it says in day-to-day life. Doing life with people can get messy, but we are called to do life together, embracing one another with the love of Christ. 

How do we do this at Appleton Alliance? AAC functions as a healthy church. That being said, there will just never be the opportunity for our staff to personally invest in the lives of every single person here, which is why we all have the responsibility to minister to those around us. It’s God design that true community be developed and lived out. Within our small groups lives are transformed, marriages are restored, and life-long friendships are developed.