II Chronicles 1:1-6: “Then he led the entire assembly to the place of worship in Gibeon for God’s Tabernacle was located there.”

I love this passage. Solomon had established his kingdom. The text says, “God was with him and made him exceedingly great.”  Solomon recognized the source of his success. And so, he organized the leaders, and he led them to Gibeon for the purpose of worshiping the Lord. He went there to say “thank you.” He went there to worship. And he didn’t go alone. II Chronicles is a book about, among other things, leadership.  Leaders lead their people in worship. Leaders encourage and model to their teams’ heartfelt worship – gratitude to God in humility and adoration.

I don’t know if all of the men and women Solomon brought with him to Gibeon shared his conviction and desire to worship. It didn’t matter. Solomon would worship, and his administration would be encouraged to do the same.

In these first few verses we find a lesson that will be repeated throughout the book of II Chronicles, negatively and positively, over and over again. Godly leaders don’t just tangentially worship God – they plan it in their calendar, they go to Gibeon, they sacrifice.

Godly leaders also bring others with them.  

I am assuming that you are not King of a mighty nation. However, wherever you are, God has placed you there. Take a few minutes and focus on that. Tell God that you believe this. And then, worship him. As you close your prayer, pray for those within your realm of influence. Pray that they might become worshippers!

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