1 Tim 2:1-4 (NIV) “I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving made for all people.”


As mentor to Timothy, the Apostle Paul gave some solid advice on where to start …pray first, and make sure you are interceding for people.  What does it mean to intercede in prayer for people around you and in this world? 


The phrase “on their behalf” for all people is what Paul was emphasizing. He was focused on a call to prayer for people’s salvation in verses 3 and 4.  God wants all people to have an opportunity to understand the hope of salvation in Christ. This is the focus of the passage. 


Through interaction with our extended Alliance family around the world, there has been expressed urgency for us to pray for their communities to understand hope in Christ.  In Burkina Faso, even in the midst of terrorism and the Covid-19 outbreak, they ask most of all for us to pray for their people to see Jesus.  They are working as hard as ever to plant new churches and share the Gospel creatively during these days.


In Atlanta, Envision along with Pastor Pete Brokopp’s team have been distributing food to refugees there in Clarkston.  These refugee families are having a hard time knowing how to get help.


As we think of our sister churches and missionaries connected to our AAC family, let’s take Paul’s charge and dig into deeper intercessory prayer for both our neighbors and those that we have a connection to proclaiming Christ around the globe.

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