Exodus 33:14 NLV says, “The Lord replied, ‘I will personally go with you, Moses, and I will give you rest—everything will be fine for you.’” (Read Exodus 33 for background.) 


Moses was leading his people out of Egypt on a journey to a new home, the Promised Land. Can you imagine what Moses must have felt having already begged God not bring judgment against his people for making and worshipping the golden calf? Of most concern to him was the potential that God would not continue with them on this journey. What a great assurance when God said “I will personally go with you” in verse 14. In examining the word “personally,” the original Hebrew literally denotes the visual of “face-to-face.” God would walk both with Moses and His people in an intimate, personal fashion through their whole journey to the Promised Land. 


As we live life through these unprecedented days of change and crisis, will the presence of God go with you? Moses’ example shows us that God knows what we are going through and what we are feeling, as One who looks into our face. He desires this close relationship with you, to walk with you through the hardest, most challenging of journeys. It is in the face of Jesus that we ultimately see God revealed. 


Just as Moses heard God’s reply, know that God promises to walk with you in a face-to-face presence. In the midst of this present crisis, look to Christ and His saving grace for hope and trust Him for the outcome of your journey.


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